Diploma in Embedded Systems – 3 Months Classroom Program

About this course

Embedded systems, which are widely used in consumer electronics, communications, automotive, avionics and industrial automation, has now become the cornerstone of the Internet of Things driving many smart city solutions. The Specialist Diploma in Embedded Systems is a synthesis-based course to develop highly skilled engineers for the Infocomm and Electronics industry in embedded systems design and development. It will also prepare engineers for the fast growing IoT market with opportunities for innovation. This course will utilise development tools, hardware and software platforms, open source solutions and equipment for practice and project development. Experiential learning design will also be part of the course.

What You’ll Study

Focus on the integration of embedded operating systems and the development of associated firmware for embedded systems.

Module 1: Embedded Processor & Programming

This module focuses on the knowledge of 8051 / AVR / ARM / PIC technology and the know-how to develop embedded software development skills around 8051 / AVR / ARM / PIC processors. The module covers the 8051 / AVR / ARM / PIC processors architecture and outlines the features of the processors such as the instruction set, interrupt-handling and exception. .

Module 2: Embedded Systems Development 

This module covers software interfacing to various peripherals, software optimisation and operating system integration. The knowledge acquired in this module is essential towards the design and development of high performance, low-power intelligent products and systems using RISC-based processors running on an operating system environment.

Module 3: Embedded OS Platform Applications 

This module enables engineers to rapidly implement embedded operating systems into intelligent products and systems to meet short time-to-market requirements.  It focuses on the expertise of integrating embedded operating systems and customizing embedded firmware into embedded operating system platform. It focuses on developing the skillset required for rapid product and system solution involving both embedded firmware and software application development.

Module 4: Embedded Software Project

This module develops the expertise in software design and development needed to create robust intelligent products and systems for demanding applications. The participants will acquire hands-on knowledge of embedded software design in methodologies, optimisation and real-time design techniques.

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Enrolled: 16 students
Duration: 3 Months Classroom Session
Level: Advanced


Working hours

Monday 10.00 am - 8.00 pm
Tuesday 10.00 am - 8.00 pm
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